Free Distance Learning Templates

Free Back-to-School Templates for Teachers and Families

Help students and their families lay the foundation for a positive, successful school year.

A cartoon illustration of a teacher in front of a laptop and tablet.

Keeping Your Students (and Yourself) Safe on Social Media: A Checklist

Learn how to keep personal information confidential on social media.

Meet Me in the Metaverse: Location Privacy in Virtual Reality

by Olivia Figueira, Privacy Engineering Intern

Students in working on a laptop together.

Do Algorithms Influence Our Lives and Our Democracy?

Use these free lesson plans to help students think critically about how algorithms influence our lives.

Why Are Conspiracy Theories So Appealing?

Use this free lesson plan to help students think critically about conspiracy theories and how to respond to them.

Four students engaging in a class discussion

What Is Cancel Culture, and Does It Change Things for the Better?

Use this free lesson plan to help students think critically about resolving conflicts and seeking social change in the digital world.

Two students holding a video camera

Civics in Digital Life: Lesson Plans for Grades 8-12

Free lessons and activities to spark students' curiosity, critical thinking, and civic engagement.

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News Literacy Lessons to Help Students Understand Election Media

Use these free lesson plans to help students apply media literacy skills in a real-world context.

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News & Media Literacy 101

Teach your students foundational news and media literacy skills with these free lesson plans.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Students in the Classroom and Online

Help all students build digital citizenship skills for more inclusive, positive, and safer schools.