Teen in a hoodie playing an online game on a computer.

How to Find Learning Opportunities in Video Games Kids and Teens Love

Resources to help you unlock the learning potential in popular games.

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The Best Quiz and Game Show Apps for Classrooms

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Free Activities for Earth Day and Learning About the Environment

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Screen Time in School: Finding the Right Balance for Your Classroom

Kids are on screens more than ever. How can we make classroom screen time more meaningful?

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Free Learning Resources for Black History Month (And Beyond)

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Offline and Off-Screen Activities for Minds-On Learning

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Showing a Movie in Class? Help Your Students Develop Active Viewing Skills

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Winter Holiday Resources to Promote Connection and Inclusion

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Tips and Strategies to Boost Student Engagement

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The Best Digital Libraries for Kids and Students

We rigorously tested all of the top ebook reading platforms for kids to find the best one.